Asbestos in Automotive Parts

Although asbestos was used in ancient Greek and Roman times, it did not regain popularity until the Industrial Revolution. After this, many different types of industries utilized asbestos for its amazing resistance to heat, flame, chemicals, electricity, and even biodegradation. While many people are aware of the use of asbestos in construction and shipping, you may not know that it once was–and still is–an additive in several different automotive parts.

You may believe that asbestos was banned starting in the 1980s. However, while it was phased out from some industries, it can still be used in several others, including cars. In fact, one study found that importing asbestos-containing brakes has actually increased in the past years. In the automotive industry, car parts must be highly resistant to heat and flame as they are exposed to the hot engine or heated brakes.

There are several different automotive parts that can contain asbestos. First, this material has been found in hoodliners, or the material on the inside of your front hood. Because this area is above the engine, it must be able to sustain high temperatures.

Next, another popular asbestos-containing component is brakes. Brake linings must withstand high amounts of friction-induced heat and pressure, and asbestos is recognized for its ability to do so. Additionally, clutches can also use asbestos additives. Lastly, even small parts such as gaskets, heat seals, and valves may have asbestos.

Sadly, due to the amount of asbestos in car parts, mechanics and other people who work with car parts can suffer from deadly asbestos exposure. Brake pads and clutches, despite their highly resistant abilities, naturally wear down and need replacing. When an automotive professional removes old asbestos brake liners or clutch pads, it can release a cloud of tiny asbestos fibers into the air. From here, inhaling or ingesting the fibers can eventually result in a terrible cancer such as mesothelioma.

If you now have mesothelioma as a result of asbestos exposure, it is natural to be worried and confused. However, you need all the information that you can get about asbestos and mesothelioma so you can quickly and correctly address your needs.

Nissan Automotive Parts – Things You Need to Know Before Purchasing

Nissan automobiles are known for their superb style, unmatched performance and superior quality make. To get the best out of your Nissan vehicle, you will need to keep good care of it by replacing its old worn out parts with new and original Nissan automotive parts.

Things You Need to Know Before Purchasing Your Nissan Automotive Parts

But no matter which part of your Nissan vehicle you wish to replace, you will need to have the correct information regarding that part and you should be knowing its name. Besides, having the information like the year of purchase of your vehicle and the model name and number helps in getting you the best fit automotive part for your Nissan Vehcile.

Another important aspect is to know the exact size of your Nissan’s engine. Most people just say that their car is six cylindered. But then what they don’t know is that several cars these days have the same kind of engine. So, to get the right replacement engine for your Nissan vehicle, you will need to get the exact size of your automobile’s engine. For the Nissan cars, you will usually be asked for the Vin number. Many a times you will also be expected to be able to tell the wheel base size and also the size of the tire.

Your vehicle insurance card can give you the much needed info on the make, model and year of your vehicle. The driver’s door will lead you to the production date of your car given on a sticker. The body of your Nissan vehicle will give you the information on the make and the model. The insurance card holds the Vin #. Else, find it on the windshield of your Nissan Vehicle, which you can find in the lower corner towards the driver’s seat. The engine size can be retrieved from the hood of your Nissan car. The driver’s door can give you the measurement of the wheel base of your car too. If you are not able to trace it, then a measuring tape will give you the exact number.

Knowing all the above aspects will help you to purchase right and best fit automotive parts for your Nissan Vehcile.

Nissan Automotive Parts – Ensures Nissan Vehicles Interior Or Exterior Aesthetic Appeal

An automobile is formed of many parts. Some parts enhance the performance while others make the car look stylish and establish a brand image. These automotive parts include bonnet/hood; bumper; cowl screen; fascia rear and support; front clip; grille; hatch and boot/trunk lid; pillar and hard trim; quarter panel; radiator core support; door beam and panel; lock; window regulator; and more. Nissan automotive parts are known for their stylish, aesthetic design and innovative engineering. The performance parts installed in Nissan cars has made the car popular among its customers as they enjoy a glitch free, smooth drive for miles.

When a bumper needs replacement, or a simple lock, it’s a good idea to find about the authentic car parts selling vendors. Through Online search, Nissan dealers, or via yellows pages one can locate Nissan automotive parts vendors who are known to sell only authentic parts. Authentic automotive parts ensure the original performance of the car, and also the car does not lose its interior or exterior aesthetic appeal.

In comparison to substandard parts, the authentic Nissan automotive car parts come at a higher cost. This should not be the reason to buy and install substandard ones. They may come at a cheap price but often lead to high-maintenance cost. There are renowned vendors who sell genuine car parts at a discount price, or offer some kind of sales incentives, it’s always a good idea to do a little research and compare the prices and additional offers before ordering a part. One can also buy authentic car parts online. If one does not know how to install the part or there is no garage nearby to help with that, it’s better to find a vendor near the residence and visit personally to buy Nissan automotive car part and ask them to install the same.